laser hair removal treatment

You need to know more about our laser hair removal. The era of unwanted hair is over. With the most advanced laser treatment, you can have painfree and permanent removal.

At Glorian Aesthetic Chiswick you’ll find a Laser qualified clinic expert.  

For your safety, we ensure our staff are expertly trained and qualified.  

It’s important to book your Consultation  before to book your laser hair removal session with us (if you are new here) to ensure there is no adverse reaction.

At our clinic, we know that you should be informed of your treatment options and given adequate advice at every stage. That’s why it is imperative for us to guide you throughout the process since your first contact with us. So at your consultation, we’ll explain you all the details about your laser treatment or laser hair removal sessions.

A Laser patch test will be required and can be done at your Consultation if you want. 

Men's laser hair removal treatment

What Areas Can You Treat?

Laser hair removal for men has exploded in popularity over the past few years and men make up a big percentage of our client base. Body hair removal is now seen as an integral and everyday part of male grooming, so many of our clients are keen to explore permanent hair removal methods.

If you’ve been using messy depilatory creams, enduring painful waxing, or dealing with shaving rash to achieve the hairless look of your dreams, laser hair removal can put an end to all of that!

We perform laser hair removal for men across the whole body. Our services include:
• Laser hair removal for the face – including the beard, ears, nose, and neck
• Upper body laser hair removal – including the underarms, chest, stomach and back
• Lower body laser hair removal – including feet, toes, upper legs, and lower legs.

Affordable Services


We offer affordable laser services and guarantee great results.

Our certified laser technicians use diode lasers.

All our laser packages include at least six sessions. However, some patients may need a longer laser treatment.

Targeted Follicle

The procedure targets the hair follicle below the skin. The laser emits light energy that is absorbed by the melanin.

Upper Essentials For Men’s                


1 session

6 sessions


From shoulder, Under arms, tummy to waist, Back Neck, upper back, lower back to Hip.


 Was £1,590

 NOW £874 

Buy 6x sessions save £715 

45% off           

WAS £2120


Buy 8x sessions save 1166  

55% off




Lip area  | Nipples | Forehead & middle of Brows&  | Sideburns  | Foot &Toes  | Chin | Cheeks  | Hands & Fingers  | Brazilian


Full Beard | Shoulders  | Underarms | Front of Neck | Back of Neck | Standard Bikini Line  | Half Arm for women only | Hollywood


Full Hollywood  | Upper Legs | Lower Legs | Full Neck | Upper arm | Lower arm


Full Legs to toes

Full upper front, from  shoulder chest to stomach.

Full back from shoulder to Lower Back .

Full arms to fingers


1 session

Buy 6x sessions save 10% 

Buy 8x sessions save 20%













Extra Large